I began watching Stargate when it first started, when the only place you could watch it was HBO.  I loved Stargate SG1 for many years but I admit to drifting in later years. I still went back and finally caught all the episodes. I own all the DVD's and movies. When Stargate Atlantis started I was excited about the beginning of something new and I found a new love.  The characters were fresh and I loved the chemistry between John and Rodney. In all honesty, Stargate was the only reason I watched TV at all for many years. Nothing else struck me as it did and I doubt anything ever will again. I don't feel compelled to watch Stargate 90210 after they mocked my loyalty.

I spent some of this evening rewatching some of my earlier vids and I was caught in those moments, reminding myself all over again why I love Atlantis.  In remembrance of 5 wonderful years(okay 4 really)...my ten favorite episodes, in no particular order.

1. The Shrine
2. Grace Under Pressure
3. The Hive
4. Duet
5. Trinity
6. Tao of Rodney
7. Conversion
8. The Last Man
9. Miller's Crossing
10.Enemy at the Gate (in my world they go back to Pegasus and leave Keller on Earth). 
I tag anyone who wants to take the time to tell everyone why you love Atlantis and give a list of your favorite episodes.


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