I did not realize there was a direct coorelation between my caffiene intake and my productivity. Apparently without my soda, I'm a slug.
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I've found the same. When I switched to decaf last year my creativity plummeted. But give me a caffeine high and I go kind of hyper and the ideas just burst out of me. It makes me a bit punchy.

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I feel very droopy. I'm hoping it will wear off eventually since fewer sodas is my new diet plan. LOL

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Awwww...::pops open a code red::

Here, Have one on me. If i had my way, there would be a shunt attached to my body and i will run Mt.Dew 24/7. *sigh* Guess i should start saving up for the operation. *EG* Swansmooches!

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As long as it's not diet soda they could hook me up. LOL


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