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I agree with you - Trinity gives wonderful tension between J & R that is great fun to explore both as a reader & a writer. I love the whole episode, even though the first time I watched it I already knew what was going to happen and that the ending would kill me. The relationship between the boys in the lead up to the mission really encapsulated for me what is most appealing about McShep - their shared delight & commitment to Atlantis, Pegasus, cool new tech & each other. I've never written a story where the premise has entirely been the fall-out of Trinity, but I have used it countless times as backdrop to their relationship because I view it as a defining moment. Part of me is glad the writers never really gave us a resolution because I'm sure the many versions in fanfic are far better! So, in conclusion, please write!! *g* cep xxx

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I'm glad to see that others feel the same about it. I love the tension the episode provides and the chance for some real angst between them. It also reveals the depth of their relationship because they are both hurt by the other's actions.

My poll actually showed up for some reason. That is weird.

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I've always wanted to write a post-Trinity fic where John is a total and complete dick, but even when I tried in Finding the Way Home, I went back and rewrote John because I know he's not a total and complete dick.

But I love most the stories where he is, and I secretly long for ones where at the end, John and Rodney haven't (yet) resolved their issues, and Rodney resents John dickishness. I'm a total sucker for poor, woobie, mistreated Rodney; the more maligned the better. :-)

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I think the beauty of Trinity is that we can whump up on Rodney and John has to feel like a dick, which is almost as good. I know that alot of John fans do not like to see him portrayed in a bad light, but I honestly think he has a side to him that can be a real asshole. A darker side that he keeps hidden. I think that is part of the fun of writing him. Rodney on the other hand lays it all out there and you can see it in his face. Not that he can't be an asshole but we already know that.

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I really think that Instinct was John at his Worst! Sadly John paid for his assholeness in Lost Boys when before Trinity J & R would have been on the same page about the dart and trying to escape... now Rodney and Johns co-hesiveness was damaged by John being a dick and Rodney just taking it! OOPS!
I think up until Grace Under Pressure John was enjoying his barbs at Rodney and he was working on leaving Rodney alone, but then the jumper crashed and Rodney almost died and I think John got his head out of his ass in a nano-second so he could save Rodney! After that things were back to normal!

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Yeah, in Instinct he was pretty cruel with Rodney. Alot of what happened after Trinity, in the different eps, could be portrayed several ways. Not such much later on. It was the one time span where they were kind of at odds with each other. Made it more fun to right, certainly.


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