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I have a question about the device that is used to call for the Asguard beam. The transporter thingie they push and the Asguard beam takes them to the ship. They used it in McKay and Mrs. Miller. What is it called besides tranporter thingie?

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Transponder? I don't quite remember, but it featured in Allies, when Rodney took it onto the Hive ship and the Wraith jammed it.

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That sounds right and a hell of lot better than transporter thingamabob.


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Hi, I remember that and went back to check the transcript and I found this:
McKAY: OK, you’ve just been teleported to an interstellar vessel in orbit around the planet.
JEANIE (sarcastically): Please. Teleportation is about as likely as time travel.

I hope this helps you! :-)

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just to show off my heritage - you probably ought to spell it Asgard. Really, at least if you're goingfor the danish spelling, it's be Asgård (that's an a with a circle above it for the 4th letter, we have funny extra vowels). But it doesn't really directly apply, since that is the name of the realm/home of the Norse gods, not their own name. they were called Aserne, but that doesn't have quite the ring to it in english that the Asgard does, i guess ;-)


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