I'm sure this has been broached before but i'm curious. If the stargate does in fact translate languages, kind of like a universal translator, wouldn't it automatically  translate the different languages spoken by the Atlantis expedition into the language of the receiver. For example, if Radek spoke in Czech wouldn't Rodney or any other English speaker hear it in English?

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Yeah, that one's a brain-breaker. I always told myself that the Gate won't give you babelfish for your own planet.

Or, the Gate sets a default language like, say, English. Since Radek and Rodney do both speak English, there's no need to give Rodney a second default like Czech.

Does that even make sense?

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It does but in the same sense I think it was just the Stargate writers lacking in continuity or just not thinking it out. Nothing new there.

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Well, yeah. I think Malozzi even admitted as much on his blog.

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Good point. Star Trek always had the same problem. Normally they just passed it off as the universal tanslator malfunctioning. Who knows what Stargate's excuse is.

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I just struck me as curious and I wondered if there had been an explanation. I doubt they could use malfunction as an excuse here. lol

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Heh. That's like how on SG1 they always needed Daniel to interpret... right up to the point that the Aliens suddenly learned English.


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