Title: Size Does Matter  (Part of the To Serve and Protect AU)
Author: Chaps1870
Kink: Service
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: NC17
Word count: 2784
Summary: Our strangers meet again.

Prequel here  Do not need to read put it might help put it into context. 

The first days in Atlantis were a busy and beyond anything Rodney could have even imagined. He could have done without the panic and the creepy life sucking aliens but they’d survived and that counted for something.  After everything had settled down, everyone thought a celebration was in order and Rodney wasn’t about to turn down free food.

He spotted Sheppard at the rail and decided to join him, since he was now the ranking officer for Atlantis military. Rodney hadn’t considered putting in a request for service with Sumner. Not to malign the dead but the man was an asshole and Rodney didn’t feel all the comfortable explaining himself. Sumner had been the type of officer that didn’t have a problem forcing his men into service for the civilians regardless of the civilian’s request.  Some officers were just that way and Rodney had been working for the military long enough to know who to avoid.

Sheppard, on the other hand, was approachable and they’d worked together pretty good so far. That, in itself, was unusual for Rodney. Most people found him too abrasive but Sheppard seemed to enjoy his company. Leaning his elbows on the railing as he stood next to the Major, he asked, “So, what did Elizabeth want?”

“Um, she wants me to pick a gate team,” answered Sheppard, taking a sip of the champagne O’Neill sent along. 

“Anybody in mind?”

“Teyla, maybe Ford.” Sheppard gave him a sideways glance and added, “You.”

Rodney squeaked, “Me?”

Sheppard shrugged. “You’ve handled yourself well so far and I could use a scientist on my team.”

Rodney was never good with compliments. “You sure you want me. I’ve never actually been off world.”  Sheppard turned and raised a brow. Rodney rolled his eyes. “Okay, yes, I suppose you could say Atlantis is off world but that’s not what I meant. I’ve never even shot a gun.”

Standing up straight, Sheppard grabbed his shoulder and turning him, pushed him along. “No time like the present then.”

Looking over his shoulder in alarm, Rodney squawked, “What? Now? But it’s late.”

With a hand on his back, Sheppard was leading him towards the hallway. “You have anything better to do?”

“Actually, I can think of a hundred things I could be doing.” He was still being herded despite his protests and they were soon in the empty hallway on the way to the armory. “In fact, I wanted to speak to you about some service.”

That was enough to get Sheppard’s attention and the hand at his back was suddenly gone. Rodney stopped and turned. Sheppard was staring at him. From the look on the Major’s face, he probably thought Rodney was demanding personal service so he jumped in to clarify. “No, no, not you.” Rodney’s eyes roamed a bit over the major’s lean body before he caught himself. Not that he would turn that down but he wasn’t so naïve to think he was the officer’s type. “I, uh, wanted to set up something with you.” Rodney mentally slapped himself for his choice of words. This so wasn’t coming out right.

Taking a deep breath, his hands waved as he started over. “I don’t demand service, Major. I simply wanted you to ask for volunteers for me.”

Sheppard was frowning. “Volunteers. That’s unusual.” 

He began walking again and Rodney followed. There was no easy way to put it without sounding pretentious. “I’m sure you’ve heard rumors.”

“Rumors?” Sheppard asked innocently.

Rodney sighed and gestured to his groin. “You know, rumors.”

Sheppard’s eyebrows went up when he got it. “Ohhhh, you mean the one where you’re the biggest dick in Atlantis.”

Rodney sighed, “Yes…wait, no.” He looked at Sheppard and found him smirking. “Oh very funny.”

The major was laughing. “I thought so.”

“Any way, I don’t like to force anyone so it’s just easier to ask for volunteers.”

Without realizing it, Rodney was being ushered into the armory shooting range, the conversation still ongoing. Sheppard asked as he pulled a weapon from one of the crates and removed the clip. “Any thing else? Preferences.”

Rodney watched as the major loaded the clip. “I prefer men and I can be demanding.”

Sheppard tried for innocent again. “Really? I never would have guessed that about you, McKay.”

“Oh ha ha.”

Leading him to a table, Sheppard dimmed the lights around them and brought up the lights on the other side of the room. Rodney could see a set of paper targets against the wall. He was a little shocked that the Marines had already set up a place to shoot considering the short amount of time they’d had on base. Sheppard must have read his expression and answered his unspoken question, “Marines don’t do bored very well.”

Sheppard handed him the gun and stepped behind him, positioning his stance. From there he made sure Rodney knew all the firearm and safety rules.  They progressed to actual shooting and after an hour of shooting a paper target, Rodney felt comfortable that he wouldn’t shoot his own foot if he had to go off world. Sheppard walked him through more safety precautions and cleaning of his weapon. Rodney was glad when the weapon was finally stored away and they were done.

Rodney said his goodnights and headed to his room, tired but pleasantly buzzed with a low grade arousal. Being so close to Sheppard hadn’t been easy but he wasn’t so young that he couldn’t control himself. He made a quick detour by the cafeteria for some bottled water and decided to call it night. Almost certain that some rooms had already been set aside for anonymous meetings he wasn’t that desperate yet. Maybe tomorrow if the major didn’t find some volunteers.

As soon as he entered his quarters, he started stripping off clothes on his way to the shower. The hot water felt good after the long, stressful day and he basked in the heat as it soaked into his aching back. He was surprised when the shower door opened and a body pressed against him but he didn’t lift his head. He hadn’t expected the major to act so quickly in his request. Probably someone that knew him from the mountain.

As he lifted his head to see who was in the shower with him, a hand reached around to stroke his cock and his head dropped to his chest against his will. God that felt good. His hips jerked into the hand stroking him and he sighed, “Oh yeah, harder.”

The body at his back, pressed in closer and he could feel a breath of air stroke his ear as he spoke, “Need to suck you.”

Suddenly it all clicked into place and he recognized the voice. His cock recognized it too because in an instant he was seconds away from coming. Prying the hand off his cock he turned sharply. “You!”

Sheppard stepped back, but there was no mistaking the lust in his eyes despite his defensive posture. “Um, remember me?”

Water sputtered as he stammered, “Remember you? Jesus, I get a hard on every time I think about that night.”

Sheppard blushed. “Really?”

Rodney thought off at the shower and grabbed a towel on his way out. “Yes, really. Christ, you practically worshipped my cock.”  Rodney didn’t mention that maybe he’d developed a little worship of his own since that first night. He’d never connected with someone like he had with Sheppard and the intensity of emotion the man elicited from him scared him. 

Grimacing, Sheppard grabbed another towel to quickly dry off. “I wouldn’t call it worship.” His cock was still hard as he followed into the other room.

Rodney snorted as he rummaged through the night stand for lube. “Oh come on, you were a slut for it.”

Sheppard might have protested but it was a token effort considering his cock was leaking precome. Rodney gestured towards the bed. “I’m tired and we are only getting one shot at this so how do you want it?”

“Jeez, McKay, blunt much.”

“Oh please, you’re practically vibrating over there.”

The major turned a nice shade of pink but he made a quick decision and mumbled, “I want to ride you.”

Rodney grabbed his cock and pressed hard. “Fuck. Yeah okay, let me just…” He twisted around and dug through the nightstand until he found a condom and a cock ring. His hands were trembling slightly as he fumbled to snap the leather ring around the base of his cock. He held up the condom and Sheppard shook his head, “Nah, I prefer bareback.”

Slipping into bed, Rodney scooted towards the headboard so he had something to lean against.  “I’ll bet you love when someone comes in your ass.” He grabbed the lube and patted the bed beside him. “Let me prep you.”

Instead, Sheppard straddled his thighs and shook his head. “No need. A little lube and I’m good.” 

Rodney was about to argue when Sheppard reached back and wiggling a bit, pulled a plug from his ass. It wasn’t a little plug. Rodney gulped some air and his cock twitched. “Do you always wear that?”

Sheppard gave him a seductive grin. “I love having something in my ass.”

Fumbling with the lube, Rodney squirted some into his palm and began stroking his cock. “I can do that. Fill your ass up. Fuck you until you are screaming for it.”

Sheppard might have made some smart ass comment if he hadn’t been shaking so bad. Rodney took mercy on him and spoke softly as the major lined himself up, “Nice and slow.”

Nodding quickly, John slowly lowered himself onto Rodney’s cock, stopping only when the head breached his hole. His breaths were coming fast and shallow, his eyes clenched tight as he fought for control. If he hadn’t had a cock ring, Rodney might have come at the pure ecstasy on Sheppard’s face.

Sheppard’s arms shook from where they were planted on Rodney’s chest as he impaled himself. Rodney had had cock worshippers before but this was beyond that. He had never seen anyone react as strongly as Sheppard. The man was lost to it.  He was moaning with each inch he took of Rodney’s cock and his own cock was leaking precome so much it was dripping down his cock in a stream.

He took his time and Rodney found himself shaking with his own need. He wanted to thrust up into that tight heat but he didn’t want to hurt John. It was better to let him adjust in his own time. It took several minutes before John finally took a deep breath and leaned back, settling himself in Rodney’s lap.  In the next instant, his eyes shot open and he gasped for air. “Oh fuck, oh god, Rodney…” Sheppard’s hands were suddenly scrambling for some sort of grounding and Rodney grabbed them. Squeezing them tight, John shouted, “I’m coming.”

And he did, his cock spurting wildly all over Rodney’s chest and stomach. Rodney held on, using every ounce of his control not to come as his cock was squeezed with each spasm around his cock. John was thrashing above him and Rodney sat up, grabbing him in a tight hug as he continued to jerk through his orgasm.

Rodney held him through it, amazed at the intensity of John’s reaction. When he finally got his breath back, John muttered an apology against Rodney’s shoulder, “Sorry. Couldn’t stop it. Having you so close lately has been killing me.”

“Yes well, I’m sure you and my cock will be very happy together.” Rodney tamped down on his disappointment. It would be very easy to fall for Sheppard but he figured out a long time ago that it was his cock that got him laid and nothing else. He mentally shrugged away any hope and decided to enjoy it. He wasn’t stupid, sex was sex.

Sheppard leaned in and whispered in his ear, “Fuck me.”

Rodney’s reached out and gripped John’s hips, holding them tight as he jerked upwards. “Can you come again?”

Lifting himself up, John shuddered. “Maybe. Probably.”

Rodney grinned and thrust into him. “Slut.” He leaned back and reached for John’s soft cock, stroking it lightly. “Fuck yourself. Show me how bad you want it.”

John bit his lip to keep from crying out as he ground down onto Rodney’s cock. “Oh yeah, like that. Talk to me.”

“Do you want this, John? You want to be my cock whore. I can make it good for you. Fuck you all the time. Fill your ass with my come then put a plug in. You’d be ready any time I wanted to fuck you. I could come by your room and just fuck you. Maybe let you come. Or maybe I’d come by your office, put you over the desk and just fuck you. I’d come in your ass all day but wouldn’t let you come. By the end of the day you’d be desperate wouldn’t you?” John was riding him harder, his cock beginning to harden again. He was whimpering with each word out of Rodney’s mouth.

“You’d do anything to come. Maybe I’d let you suck me off a couple times during the day. Make you wear a cock ring so you couldn’t come. Maybe I’d work in my room, make you sit on my cock while I worked. Or you could sit under my desk and suck my cock all day long. I’d let you come as much as you wanted. You’d be covered in your own come by the end of the day wouldn’t you?” Rodney was ramping himself up and it wasn’t helping that John was flush with need, riding him harder and faster. Sweat poured off the both of them, slicking the skin between them.  God, he wanted to do all that to John. Wanted to keep him for himself.

Rodney needed to come but he wanted John to come again. He stopped stroking and grabbed his hips again, forcing himself deep into John’s ass. “Come on, John, show me how bad you want it.”

John was gasping for air. “Please, oh god, Rodney, fuck me. Faster.”

As John reached out to touch himself, Rodney grabbed his wrist. “No. Only I get to touch your cock. You can come with just my cock in your ass.”

John was begging, “Please, need to come.” He was meeting Rodney, thrust for thrust, his desperation in every muscle, every movement.

Rodney’s fingers tightened in a death grip on John’s hips as he thrust harder into Sheppard’s ass. He was going to come, he was too close to stop it now. Cock ring or not, he was going to come. “Oh fuck, I’m close. Need you to come.” His cock was throbbing angrily and he was trying to hold back. “Come on, Sheppard. Come for me. Cover me in your come.”

John sucked in one last breath and Rodney could feel the muscles around his cock begin to quiver. He sat up sharply and pushed John down hard onto his lap as his own balls pulled up tight and he could feel the burn begin. John arched hard as his orgasm peaked but Rodney held on, holding them both together as John came between them and Rodney came deep in John’s ass. It seemed to last forever, each of them feeding off the other, dragging their orgasms out.

Rodney had no idea how much time passed before he was coherent enough to realize his legs were going numb and Sheppard was limp in his arms, his head burrowed in Rodney’s neck.

Nudging him gently, Rodney asked softly, “Can you move?”

Sheppard grunted something so Rodney figured he was a least conscious enough for him to roll them both over. When Rodney slipped out, John hissed but then went limp again. When Rodney patted his arm and tried to move out of bed, John grabbed for him.

Rodney smiled. “It’s okay. I’ll be right back. I’m just gonna clean up a bit.”

There was a moment’s hesitation before John released him and Rodney could leave the bed for the bathroom. He cleaned up quickly then dampened a rag to take to John, who barely moved as Rodney wiped him down and checked to make sure there was no damage.

Rodney ditched the rag and climbed into bed, pulling the covers over both of them. “You staying?”

Sheppard grunted again and Rodney rolled his eyes. “Is that Sheppard speak for yes?”

The lights went out and Rodney relaxed, letting John burrow closer. If this was just sex because Sheppard loved his cock then he was okay with that. 


 Next story...Reflection


antares_dw: (johnrodneytogether)

From: [personal profile] antares_dw

This is a hot and sexy sequel! I'm glad Sheppard came to the shower and "told" Rodney who he is and that they already know each other.
wanted_a_pony: artistic black and white photo of 2 nude men, intertwined (manopoly.com)

From: [personal profile] wanted_a_pony

Woooot!! Shameless!slut!John + dirty-talking!Rodney = OTP 4Evar!!1! <3 <3 <3

Oops. I said that in the outdoor voice, didn't I? :: blushes bright red ::

Well, I do love a 'serve-one-serve-all military' fic, too--makes this doubly delicious. I hope John turns out to like the rest of Rodney too; that would be whipped cream on top!

Thanks very much for writing & sharing! I would be very happy if your Muse inspires more in this 'verse one day. :-D
mirror_mirrin: (Default)

From: [personal profile] mirror_mirrin

I do so hope that you continue this verse. It's so much fun! :) Go, John! That last line, it was kind of sad, but I'm hoping that John genuinely has feelings for Rodney, and not just his cock.


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