Title: Reflection (Series To Serve and Protect AU)

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Fandom: SGA
Kink: Mirrors
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: NC17
Word count: 1798


Link to first story

“Why are we here again?” John asked, looking around the storage room they’d found. He tried to go for bored but Rodney never fell for it.

“Oh please, you enjoy this as much as I do.” Rodney was flitting around the room, checking out all the Ancient doodads that had been left behind.  He disappeared behind a stack of crates and John followed, not wanting to let him out of sight for too long. Strange shit could happen at any time, even on Atlantis.

Hearing Rodney’s gasp, he rushed closer, his hand slipping to his holster without thought.

Rodney stood staring at what looked like a mirror, unaware that John had stepped behind him.  John cautiously peered over the scientist’s shoulder and barely contained his own gasp of surprise.

John couldn’t take his eyes off the mirror. “Is that one of those…”

“Uh huh,” Rodney muttered, all his attention forward, staring at the quantum mirror.

The scene in front of them was captivating to say the least, if not a little embarrassing. He had no idea he looked like that when aroused. And there was no mistaking the arousal. His double was leaning into a stack of crates, his head back and eyes closed while Rodney’s double stood with his back to the mirror, his hand down Sheppard’s pants as he jacked him off. Nothing was really visible but the intent was obvious.

John’s cock twitched and he took a small step back from Rodney, afraid he would give himself away if he was too close. He’d give anything to have Rodney’s hand down his pants, or anywhere for that matter. Too bad his Rodney was straight.


“Are they watching?” McKay breathed in his ear, his hand working his cock harder and faster.

Panting for air, on the verge of coming, Sheppard opened one heavily lidded eye. He could see their doubles in the mirror, both men staring and flush with arousal. That was all it took, that and a twist of fingers at the head of his cock. He curled over McKay’s hand, the rush of his orgasm intensifying as his friend milked him through it. His hands planted on his knees as he tried to catch his breath. “Fuck. You made me come in my pants.”

He leaned back into the crates at his back, uncaring that his dick was practically hanging out of his pants. McKay didn’t seem too concerned with their audience as he pulled John’s shirt off and lapped as his nipples, John panted out between breaths, “How did you know they’d be here?”

“Didn’t.” He paused in his licking and teasing. “Not for sure. There are hundreds of alternate universes, thousands maybe. The chances of an alternate us being at the mirror the same time as us were good enough odds to try.”


“Because you’re a kinky bastard. Figured you’d like being fucked in front of an audience.” McKay said matter of fact and went back to licking his nipples, his free hand dropping to palm John’s balls. Fuck, he was gonna be hard again in no time.


“Oh my god, you are such a slut,” said Rodney, breathing heavily as he spoke.  

John really wanted to deny that but he was hard as rock just watching the other pair making out on the other side of the mirror.  The fact that his counterpart was getting hard again was so not helping.

It felt weird watching his double having sex with the other McKay.  And yet, here he was rooted to the spot, his eyes glued to the mirror. He watched as the other naked Sheppard slipped to his knees and he couldn’t have moved if his life depended on it. His Rodney didn’t seem too inclined to leave either.

He watched as the other him nuzzled at McKay’s crotch and the bulge of arousal was unmistakable. John’s mouth watered and he couldn’t stop his gasp when the other McKay’s erection was freed from his pants. “Wow, that’s…um…”

“Hot,” finished Rodney.

“I was gonna say huge but hot works too,” said John. He dropped a hand to his jeans, aiming to rearrange the hardness there but his hand wanted to linger. He made himself remove his hand or he’d be coming in his pants.  He noticed the stiff line of Rodney’s back and the tenseness in his shoulders and asked, “Feeling inadequate?”

Rodney snorted, “Hardly.”

The other him was giving head like a pro and if John hadn’t been witnessing it with his own eyes he never would have thought it was possible to take something that big so deep. And enjoy it so much. The other John was jacking his own cock in time to his sucking and there was no mistaking his hunger.

In front of him, Rodney squeaked, “Oh my god, that is…”

“Hot,” finished John. His own cock was throbbing painfully.  Rodney was obviously as turned on as John so he took a chance and stepped closer, his cock rubbing blissfully against Rodney’s ass as he snaked a hand around his waist.

He wasn’t sure what he was expecting, but it wasn’t for Rodney to practically melt against him, going almost boneless in his arms. John tightened his hold, his voice raspy as he whispered in his friend’s ear, “I want to touch you.”

Rodney nodded against his shoulder and could only whimper. John took that as a yes and deftly popped the buttons of Rodney’s pants. As his fingers brushed the hard flesh of Rodney’s erection, his friend bucked into his hand. John held on, grinding his own hard on into Rodney’s ass. “God, I want to fuck you so bad.”

Panting, Rodney’s hands scrambled for his pants, pushing them down as he mumbled, “Yes, fuck yes. Want you too.”

McKay watched the pair on the other side of the mirror as he thrust into Sheppard’s mouth. The other Rodney was quickly stripped of his clothing and the other John was slicking his own fingers with spit. Knowing just where those fingers were going gave him his own idea and he pulled out of Sheppard’s mouth. His lover tried to follow with his mouth but Rodney held him off. “Want to fuck you. Face the mirror so you can watch.”

Sheppard turned and positioned himself on his hands and knees, watching as his counterpart prepared the other McKay. He moaned, dropping onto his elbows, “Hurry.”

Dropping to his knees behind Sheppard, Rodney pulled the butt plug that John seemed to favor. Rodney wasn’t going to complain, it made fucking him at any time so much easier. He pulled a single tube of lube from his pocket and quickly covered his cock. Without any preamble he slipped into Sheppard, holding tight on his hips to keep them from moving too soon. He needed a second to get control and Sheppard needed a moment to adjust, despite what he always said to the contrary.

“Fuck, you are always so tight. Could fuck you all the time,” said Rodney hoarsely, his hips thrusting slowly.

Sheppard gasped, “You do fuck me all the time.”

“Yeah, but you love it. Love having me in your ass.” Rodney was torn between watching his cock slide in and out of Sheppard’s ass and watching the other John fuck him in the mirror. He wasn’t much for bottoming but it was a turn on to watch. The other John stood behind his McKay, so he couldn’t really see, but the slight lift of the scientists feet with each thrust upward kind of gave away where Sheppard’s cock was. The other him looked wrecked as he stroked his own heavily leaking cock. The difference in dynamics was intriguing if nothing else.

“Look up, Sheppard.” As his John looked up, Rodney saw him shiver at the scene. “I’ll bet it’s killing you isn’t it. So fucking close. If he stepped forward you could have that huge cock in your mouth while I pounded your ass.”

Rodney was thrusting faster, his balls slapping John’s with each thrust. John was squirming more, a sure sign he was getting close. When he tried to reach under himself and jack his cock, Rodney stopped him. “No, I want you to come without touching. Show them what a whore you are.”

Sheppard whined, “Rodney.”

Pulling on his hips, Rodney shifted them both until John was sitting in his lap, his thighs straddling Rodney’s. “Come on, John, fuck yourself on my cock.”

Rodney was getting close too but he wanted the other couple to come first, knowing it would push his John over the edge. “Watch ‘em. They are so close.”  And they were, both men had their eyes clenched tight as they fucked and stroked themselves higher. Sheppard had a tight grip around the other McKay’s waist with one hand on his shoulder, forcing him down with each thrust. As for the other McKay, he was pumping into his own fist, his cock leaking precome in a steady stream.

“Please, Rodney, I need to come. Let me jack off.” John’s voice was wrecked, his arousal so evident that Rodney almost took pity on him. Almost. He was impaling himself on Rodney’s cock, trying to get to that one spot that would set him off. Rodney let him squirm, knowing he could stop it if it was necessary. The tightness of John’s ass as it clenched around him was almost too much but Rodney focused his attention on the mirror rather than the pleasure surrounding his cock.

The other couple’s movements were getting frantic and Rodney wished there was a soundtrack. He could almost imagine the sounds they were making. His John was moaning and grunting, grounding down harder and faster with each passing second.

Then he saw it. Saw the moment their counterparts came apart and exploded in pleasure. Sheppard stilled, his face red and sweaty as he froze on the upward thrust, his face contorted in pleasure. The other McKay convulsed and suddenly every muscle clenched as he grabbed his cock, his mouth open in what looked like a scream as he lost his load.

In the next second, his John was spasming in his arms, jerking uncontrollably. It took Rodney half a second to realize that the other McKay had just come all over his John, shooting his seed through the quantum mirror. His John was coming all over himself, crying out his pleasure. That was it for Rodney and he thrust up once, twice and filled John’s ass.

When John was finally conscious enough to move, he realized he and Rodney were in a heap on the floor. He didn’t remember falling after the best fucking orgasm of his life. Rodney was asleep in his arms and it felt good.  John wasn’t feeling any inclination to move any time soon.  

When he finally looked up, he found the mirror dark, his counterparts gone. 

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