Title: Strangers in the Dark (To Serve and Protect AU)

Author: Chaps1870

Fandom: SGA

Kinks: anonymous sex

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard

Rating: NC17

Word count: 1680

Summary: Rodney needs some relief after a long day and he knows just where to find it. AU where the military does more than service their country.   Cross posted to [community profile] kink_bingo  
A/N  This is a prequel to a story I'm thinking of expanding on in the future. 


Rodney didn’t normally go to the anonymous rooms. It was easier just to email the brass and ask for a volunteer. He really hated demanding service from one of the soldiers like most of his fellow colleagues. It seemed unfair not to allow a soldier the choice so he mostly stuck with volunteers. Of course that didn’t always work out because of his size. A lot of the soldiers that took duty were intimidated and he often went without rather than insist someone come to his room.


Today had been an incredibly long day and he was tired of traveling.  It was late when they landed at McMurdo and rather than head to the outpost tonight, he’d been informed they’d finish the last leg in the morning, which meant an overnight stay at McMurdo.


He didn’t know anyone on base and feeling horny and tired he opted for the anon rooms. It wasn’t the greatest but it was better than his own right hand. He made his way to the one of the rooms and settled on the bed/bench. Leaving the light on, he stripped and settled on the bench. Leaning against the wall, his legs hanging off the side, he stroked himself to hardness slowly, drawing out his pleasure.


While most soldiers felt uncomfortable volunteering to service him, they were usually okay with doing it anonymously. It was easier to admit to themselves they were size queens when the civilian couldn’t see their face.  It took less than five minutes before the light in his cubicle went out and darkness enveloped the room.


The door opened and a soldier slipped into the room. He must have had a good sense of the layout because Rodney felt the person slip between his knees without any stumbling or awkwardness.  When a hand covered his own and a small whimper replaced the silence, Rodney whispered in the dark, “Oh yeah, touch me.”


He was only slightly shocked when the soldier spoke in a needy drawl, “Want to suck you.”


It was rare that Rodney got really great blowjobs because of his size but he wasn’t stupid. Any blowjob was a good blowjob in his book. He tried to be magnanimous about the offer, “Sure, just take what you can.”


Another whimper followed and Rodney felt a tongue caress the head of his cock. He sucked in a sharp breath when he felt his slit being licked and then wet warmth enclosed the crown of his cock. The soldier at his feet was panting heavily as he took more and more of Rodney’s cock in his mouth.  When he was half way, Rodney sighed as the soldier pulled back. Half way was about par for most so Rodney wasn’t too disappointed.


Rodney almost grabbed on to the soldier’s head for leverage when just as suddenly the man slipped Rodney’s cock back into his mouth and buried his nose in the coarse hair at the base of his cock. Never had anyone taken Rodney whole and he was scrambling for purchase as he felt the man’s throat muscles convulsing around his cock.  His hands gripped short hair and ears and he didn’t give a shit because the feeling around his cock was incredible.  He wanted to stay in the tight heat of the soldier’s mouth forever.

He barely had the sense to let go when the man pulled back slightly. Rodney muttered quickly as he released his hold on the man’s head, “Sorry, sorry.” He was panting harshly as his cock was exposed to the cooler air. “No one’s…ever…done…that.”


Rodney could practically hear the man grinning. “I like cock.”


Rodney snorted, “Size queen.”


The man actually laughed, “Hell yes.”  He went down on Rodney’s cock again and Rodney couldn’t help reaching out again, grabbing on to hair again. For once he was glad he had such control with prolonging his pleasure or he would have gone off like a rocket when the man swallowed. The ripple of pleasure pulled a groan from him and the man between his knees squirmed with an answering moan of his own.


When Rodney started to remove his hands, two hands quickly covered them, holding them firmly in place. He stayed still, his hands holding the man’s head but not forcefully, letting the soldier lead. It wouldn’t have taken much for Rodney to simply hold on and shove his cock in and out of the man’s mouth. He’d never been allowed to face fuck anyone and it took all his control not to thrust upwards.


The man at his feet picked up the pace, sucking and licking his way up and down the entire length of Rodney’s cock. When hands wandered to his ass and pushed it up towards the descending mouth, Rodney had to bite his hand to keep from crying out but he took the hint.


He asked to be sure, because he really didn’t want to fuck up a good thing, “You want me to fuck your mouth?”


The soldier worked his cock faster, groaning loudly.


Rodney couldn’t help himself and he whined, “Oh god, you are such a slut. I’ll bet you can come just sucking my cock.”


The moans and squirming increased exponentially and Rodney gripped the edge of the bench as his hips thrust upwards into the willing mouth wanting and needing more. It soon became apparent that the angle was awkward for both of them and Rodney reached out to stop the man as he tried to get his feet under him. “Let me stand up.”


The soldier whimpered as Rodney pulled away, lips following in desperation, planting small licks and kisses as Rodney stood up. “Greedy much.”  He held his cock downward at a better angle and let the man take him in again. 


Hands were on his ass again guiding him forward and Rodney thrust into the man’s waiting mouth, shuddering as he hit the back of his throat, sliding deeper and deeper. He threw his head back and sighed loudly, “Oh god, that feels so fucking good. I could fuck your mouth all night.”


The hands on his ass gripped tighter forcing him deeper and Rodney could literally hear the desperation in the other man’s moaning. “You love this don’t you? I’ll bet you are so fucking hard it hurts.”


If the increase in noises and faster pace was anything to go by the man either loved cock so much he choked on it or he like being talked dirty too. Either way, Rodney couldn’t stop his hips from thrusting harder and faster.  The man gripped Rodney’s pants in a tight fist and released a high pitched whine as he swallowed around Rodney’s aching length.


With one hand holding the man’s head, Rodney forced his cock deep and held it to the count of three before pulling back, seeing how the man would react. When he took a deep breath and let himself be pulled in just as deep, Rodney trembled and traced the line of his cock in the man’s throat with his free hand. It seemed impossible that the man could actually enjoy having a cock so far down his throat but the greed and desperation were unmistakable.


As Rodney pushed into the welcoming mouth the man met him thrust for thrust burying his nose in the base of Rodney’s cock, letting Rodney hold him there each time. Rodney was quickly losing his hold and his thrusts became more forceful, his mouth overriding any censorship his brain might otherwise consider. “Never had…anyone…so fucking hot. God, I wish…I could stay here.  Have you…ride my cock. Maybe a cock ring…so you couldn’t come…make you fucking beg me to…come.”


Each time Rodney pulled back enough to let the man breathe, he sucked in sharp breaths, but he never stopped and the sounds he made only turned Rodney on more. He’d never had anyone so hot and needy.  The man acted like Rodney’s cock was his last meal and Rodney could feel him practically shaking with need. Rodney grabbed a fist full of hair and held his head in place, fucking his face with his own desperation. “So close… I’m gonna… come down your throat. Make you… choke on it. Hold you there… make you swallow every last drop.”


That seemed to do it because the man released a long drawn out groan that vibrated through Rodney’s cock and then he convulsed sharply. Rodney lost it as he held on for both of them. His cock buried deep in the man’s throat, he came and came, only slipping free when his legs refused to hold him up. Falling onto the bench he leaned back against the wall and sucked in a lungful of air. He was shaking so much it scared him and he closed his eyes to calm himself down. Never had he had such a powerful orgasm and the intensity of his reaction was frightening.


His own breathing was matched by the man on the floor and he leaned forward enough to reach out, scrambling to find the soldier at his feet.  His hand found the man’s arm and he could feel him trembling under his touch. He asked softly, “You okay?”


There was a grunt of acknowledgement that almost sounded like a yes. Rodney took that as a positive sign. He rubbed the man’s arm before leaning back. “You were awesome, by the way.”


There was the sound of movement and suddenly the man was between Rodney’s legs again, resting his head on his thigh. A raspy voice replied, “I haven’t come in my pants like that since I was a teenager.”


Rodney smiled, reaching out and running his fingers through the man’s sweaty hair, “I can’t believe you came without me touching you.”


“You have a raunchy mouth,” said the soldier in a lazy drawl, leaning into Rodney’s touch as he relaxed.


“You didn’t seem to mind.”


The man laughed, “Big dick and dirty talk gets me every time.”


Relaxed, Rodney smiled in the dark, “I’ll try to remember that.”

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